NEMO Country Dance Club
Our History

The NEMO Country Dance Club -
    Its Beginning...  and its Continuance...

In 2005, Paul Ferguson and Vickie Brumbaugh talked about their desire to have a Dance Club in the Northeast Missouri area.  A year later, both talked about it again, but this time - Paul said, "Let's pick a date on the calendar".  And so they did...

Through word of mouth and the availability of the Moose Lodge at no cost - On September 17, 2006, - 32 people showed up for the first night of dance classes.  Outstanding!  Thus, began the first country music dance club in the Northeast Missouri area.

Every seven weeks a new six-week session started, and new members continued to sign up for each session.  As members completed the basic session, they were ready for more challenging dances and intermediate classes were added.  It was time to establish an official name for the Dance Club, elect officers and complete the paperwork for the State records as a not-for-profit organization.  A committee was formed to come up with a name for the Dance Club, and they chose:  Northeast Missouri (NEMO) Country Dance Club.  A few more months down the road, local businesses were contacted to come up with a logo for the Dance Club.  They made their presentations to the membership, and the logo was voted on.  The black t-shirt with gold lettering was the primary shirt chosen by the membership; the royal blue polo shirt with silver lettering was the secondary shirt.

Officers were established for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three or more Board of Directors.  Mike Baker served as the first President.

The NEMO Country Dance Club was timely in many different ways - one of which was at the first dance the group attended after just beginning classes.  Angie DePoe, a National Teachers Association Dance Instructor, had just moved to town from another state.  Angie immediately joined us and volunteered her assistance at the dance classes.

Eventually, interest was expressed for line dancing and an extra hour of class was added to the evening to include line dancing taught by Angie Depoe until she moved from the area in 2011.

The NEMO Country Dance Club has held dances at the Moose Lodge, Leisure World and Rotary Park Amphitheater.  The Club has also co-sponsored dances with the City of Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department.  The Club danced in the Truman State University Homecoming parade in 2008, and continues to do so each year.  The Club also participated in the LaPlata Veterans Day parade.  Dance Club members attend Dance Workshops to learn additional dances.  People of various ages have benefitted from taking our dance classes since we first started offering classes in 2006.

Paul Ferguson volunteered his time to teach Basic Partner and Intermediate Partner dance classes from the first session in 2006, until he moved to Columbia in 2009.  Paul had also served as the second year President.

The Dance Club celebrated a "Woodstock" theme on our third-year Anniversary at the Barn Loft in LaPlata provided by the owners and Dance Club members Bill Stage and Lanita Burbeck.  The fourth-year Anniversary celebration in 2010 was enjoyed at the Barn Loft with a 1950's theme.  The fifth year Anniversary was celebrated with a Red, White and Blue theme.  The Club sponsored a public dance at the Moose Lodge in 2012, celebrating six y
ears.  A public dance, co-sponsored with the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department, was held at the Moose Lodge in 2013, and each year thereafter, celebrating our anniversary years.

In 2010, Pam Harrelson saw the need for a web site which she designed and kept online until 2012. Pam also introduced Club business cards and window decals with the Club's logo.

Jim Brittain served as president in 2009, and dance instructor for the partner dance classes.  Steve Hadwiger served as President in 2010.  He and his wife, Kit, are the Dance Instructors for partner classes.  Vickie Brumbaugh served as President in 2011, and she teaches line and partner dances. Jerry Hatcher served as President in 2012 until his job took him out of state.  Mary Craig served the remainder of 2012 as President, and all of 2013.  She teaches line dancing and partner dance classes.  Connie Williams was the 2014 President, and Danny Martin in 2015.  Others continue to serve on the Board of Officers and Directors to plan events and activities of the Dance Club.

                                                                                                Written by,
                                                                                                            Vickie Brumbaugh

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