NEMO Country Dance Club

  SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1 & 8, 2015

Welcome to the NEMO Country Dance Club information site.  We have dance classes for everyone - whether you already know how to dance, or have never danced -  Let's Dance and have Fun!    We are located in Kirksville, Missouri - Northeast part of the State.

ix-Week Dance Class Sessions:
5:30 p.m.   Basic Partner      (A dance partner is highly recommended for this class, although not required.)

                      - Learn two-step, waltz, swing, triple-step
6:30 p.m.   Intermediate Partner    (Have dance experience?  This class is for you!)
                 - Learn turns, techniques and pattern dances
7:00 p.m.   Basic Line Dance - Basic steps taught
7:30 p.m.   Line Dance

Dance Classes are held on Sunday evenings at the Mary Immaculate Catholic School gym - 716 East Washington Street in Kirksville, Missouri.  Please wear soft sole shoes to protect the gym floor.

Only $30 per person for Six Weeks of Classes which includes Basic Partner, Intermediate Partner and/or Line Dance Classes, payable at the door on the first night of class.

Classes are open to all ages starting at 12 to 15 years (accompanied by an adult),   to 112 years old.

Dance Classes are set up so that you can continue to take dance classes, learning new dances in partner and line, for as long as you wish.   It's your choice!  After completing a Six-week session of classes, then you are welcome to attend any evening of classes for only $3.  We have several who have been taking dance classes since first starting nine years ago.  Always something new to learn!  Plus, we love to have fun and dance!

              Questions?    Please call Connie at 660-341-2442, Mary at 660-341-0070, or Vickie at 660-342-6825

             Like us on our FACEBOOK Page -

We look forward to meeting you, and most importantly, dancing with you!

Need a place to dance -                                            
Fridays in 2016 (Check back for a date) - DJ Dance Nights at the Moose Lodge
     Starting at 7:30 pm until we are ready to stop dancing
     $3 at the door which goes to the Moose Lodge, Hwy 11 East, Kirksville
     Big variety of dance music
     This night offers a great time to practice dances
     No Smoking





                        YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR SIX-WEEKS
             of DANCE CLASSES ON NOVEMBER 1 & 8, 2015
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